May Day, Where? Union Square!

SHUT IT DOWN! Strike to Defend Migrants, Refugees, and All Workers! #hastalahuelga #shutitdown #maydaystrike2017
May Day at Union Square – Monday, May 1st 2017

We are reaching out to you on behalf of people’s organizations united for May Day @ Union Square 2017. Since 2005, we have been organizing at Union Square for all workers. May Day, or International Workers Day, is a day of great significance to the workers and the oppressed masses across the world.

Our main call this year is SHUT IT DOWN! Strike to Defend Migrants, Refugees, and All Workers! We have seen an attack on our people from President Trump’s Executive Orders to ban Muslims and refugees. There have already been over 1,000 civilian deaths in March 2017 by U.S. military airstrikes in Iraq and Syria, an increase of 5,000 Border Patrol officers and 10,000 ICE agents, and a proposed addition of $54 Billion USD to the national military budget. We cannot allow this to continue.

The organizations that are putting together May Day @ Union Square 2017 are not only resisting Trump but holding the whole corrupt system accountable. We are groups coming together representing Black, Brown, People of Color, Trans, LGBTQGNC, Migrant, Muslim, People with Criminal Convictions, and Indigenous communities who are uniting to defend our people!

We would like to enlist your support for this call to show the people on May 1st, 2017 that New York City has had enough. We are going to show the world that the people are ready for a mass movement that will lead to revolutionary change.

If you agree with this objective, please consider joining our people’s organizations on May 1st. You or your organization can join as an endorser or a convenor.

– Participates the day of May Day @ Union Square on Monday, May 1, 2017
– If you’re an organization: share the event’s information with your members and your networks.
– If you’re an individual: tell your friends and family to come through for May Day @ Union Square
– Share the FB event on your social media (Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, etc. )

– In addition to the responsibilities of an Endorser.
– Participates in citywide meetings and planning committees for May Day @ Union Square 2017.

Please fill out this form to be an endorser or convenor for this May Day @ Union Square.

If you would like to get more information on how to be involved, we are having a city-wide planning meeting on Thursday, April 13
6pm, 135 W 23rd St. New York City . If you are not able to make this meeting, we will be having subsequent meetings which we can inform you of if you are interested. You can also check out our Facebook event page here for updates.

Stop the Raids! Stop the Deportations! Stop Killing Black & Brown People! Stop the Wars at Home and Abroad! Resist Trump and the 1%!

In Solidarity!

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