Jennine & Vijou on GABRIELA USA 3rd National Congress

From GABRIELA USA on Facebook:

March 11: Today, we feature Jennine Ventura, Deputy Secretary General of Gabriela NY!

“On the heels of International Working Women’s Day, it is important for all of us to recognize the struggles that the most oppressed women experience every day. GABRIELA USA’s convening of the 3rd National Congress serves to advance the mass movement for national democracy in the Philippines, focusing on the particular impact on women and the role of women as leaders in upending a corrupt, exploitative system.”

Look forward to being with Jennine this congress!

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March 14: This Monday features Vijou Bryant, co Secretary General of Gabriela NYand part of the prop committee for congress, “Seeing first hand the conditions of the majority of women in the Philippines – peasants, workers, urban poor, migrants, youth – on my exposure program in 2015, I truly believe this year’s congress theme amplifies the call to our work in the belly of the beast. As Filipino women we inherit the fighting spirit of revolutionary women. Congress will unite us to carry out a solid general program of action, build & broaden our base and strengthen solidarity alliances. Abante!” ‪#‎gabrielausa‬‪#‎abante2016‬‪#‎countdown2congress‬


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