Human Trafficking is currently a form of modern-day slavery and is a pertinent issue in today’s society in the United States and in New York City. The United States is a destination country for transnational trafficking networks that bring foreign nationals into the country for purposes of both sexual and labor exploitation. Migrants from all over the world are trafficked. One of the main forms o f trafficking is labor trafficking in which individuals perform labor or services through use of force, fraud, or coercion.

This Summit on Human Trafficking is meant to bring all different members of the community to be involved to strategize and continue the fight against human trafficking. Survivors of human trafficking, community organizations, church groups, and service groups who work on cases of human trafficking will gather to share their experiences, struggles, and victories.

A part of the conference will highlight the case of the Philippines, being one of the top countries of human trafficking. Because of the transnational reality of trafficking – there will be representatives based here in the US – survivors and supporters against human trafficking, and also a speaker from Gabriela Women’s Partylist in the Philippines – who works directly with families and also legislation on anti-trafficking. For more information visit endmoderndayslavery.

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