Diwang Pinay

One of our core programs is the bi-annual cultural production, Diwang Pinay (Spirit of the Filipina). It began an annual showcase of Filipina Artists, but by 2010, a community survey driven by our membership decided a shift in format.

Our main campaign was based on migration, which led to a partnership with the Kabalikat Domestic Workers Support Network. What ensued was the development of a Theater Education Model, inspired by Theatre of the Oppressed, that launched a yearlong political education/writing/acting workshop intensive. Members of both FiRE-GABRIELA New York and Kabalikat worked side-by-side creating a theater production based on their experiences, to address the violence domestic workers sustain through forced migration, exploitative working conditions and an anti-immigrant climate in the U.S.

In 2013, Diwang Pinay focused on labor trafficked workers in the Northeast. The theatrical production highlighted incidences of trafficking beginning with the labor-export practices in the Philippines through arrival in the US; the journey exposed not only the socio-economic conditions forcing migration, but also incarceration and resulting legal battles. https://diwangpinaynyc.wordpress.com

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